Aug 3, 2011

Why BEAST Gikwang did not debut under JYP??

On the latest episode of KBS2TV’s “Win Win,” Park Jin Young (JYP), the main guest of the show, revealed the reason as to why he didn’t debut B2ST’s Lee Ki Kwang during his trainee days under JYP Entertainment.

Park Jin Young revealed, “Ki Kwang was outstanding in both singing and dancing, and the reason why he didn’t debut was because he knew this fact himself.

Lee Ki Kwang, being the supporting MC of the show, tilt his head in curiosity and Park Jin Young continued, “In order to strive to be more and become something greater, you can’t be satisfied with your singing and dancing… but Ki Kwang already was good at singing and dancing.

Nevertheless, he also added, “But, I heard these days that he is the hardest worker amongst artists, I’m proud of him.

Source: AllKpop


La.. baru aku tahu.. pelik jugak sebab dia debut under JYP dengan nama AJ pada pertengahan tahun 2009.. Tapi pada nak dekat akhir-akhir tahun 2009 jugak, dia debut semula dengan BEAST dengan nama Gikwang.. Apapun, hwaiting..

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