Apr 20, 2011

5 Reasons Why People Anticipate BIGBANG

Girl group’s fame? Don’t talk about it, Big Bang is the real president of culture

Big Bang is not the kind of idol that you can find in many TV entertainment program or when you hear them on the streets and its like the (music) feel stucked inside the song. There’s a lot of articles and discussion about them but yet they are not the type of group who gave the oppresive feel because they have to be supported like ‘Seo Taiji and Boys’ or ‘Girls Generation’.

In the fans’ point of view, Bigbang is more like a media that delivers the latest trend and a stimulant that bringing up the youth’s confusion and passion. And they’re a rebel who solved the two contrary codes of ‘intellectual curiosity’ and ‘sexy visual pleasure’ in the pop music world. Now the presence of the uncountable fans in their early 20s who will never took the modifier word of ‘genius’ for Bigbang is a clear proof of this fact.’

Bigbang who came back after 2 years with a Mini Album entitled ‘Tonight’ has big potential, and they’ll be recorded. They monopolize music charts position from 1~6 in Melon, Mnet and many other, they’ve become the most searched in portal sites, and on top of that all they established their position in ‘top 10′ in iTunes USA and Canada market.

Their ulitmate accomplishment is their live stage everytime, everywhere. Their 1 hour come back stage that broadcasted through SBS on the previous 27th and their ‘Big Show’ concert that last for three days in Olympic Gymnastic Stadium… this 5 bad boys that came back from their 2 years of hiatus is declaring their transformation and stirring up every stage they can attend.

Critics and Kpop manias joining their opinion and analyzing the 5 values hidden inside the ‘Best Kpop Idol Star’ called Bigbang;

1. Advertising influence that spreading, passing over Korea
2. Concert and domination
3. The ability of composing and producing their own songs
4. Dare to try taboo things
5. Worldwide music trend… fashion, and performance

If we analyze it in general, their strategy sometimes looked so complicated and sometimes its shapeless and often it reached the extent where it looks so ridiculous. It looks like a strange combination of perfectionism and adventurism. But there’s also one sure thing from it. They’ve chose the road to be a musician and giving up the title ‘nation’s idol’, and this is a fact.

They’ve becpme the first idol who chose to be a musician instead of talent. We can’t be sure if it’s because of their seniors have chosen the same way, especially the one closest with them, Yang Hyun Suk CEO.

Of course Bigbang’s path is different from their senior’s, we can’t know if someday there’ll be other ‘vision’ founded in the Kpop market that has been spreading throughout Asia and even more.

This is why we’re anticipating the comeback stage of the flawless 5 member team, Bigbang.

source: winalicious@bbvip

credited: http://ibigbang.wordpress.com/2011/04/03/news-5-reasons-why-people-anticipate-bigbang/

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